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“The chaos in the world (ENvironment) is a reflection of the disorder in our minds and hearts (INvironment)”

This observation plays a central role in Fred’s vision of the world. In order to address the imbalance between the use of our minds and hearts (male and female principles). the main focus of his work is the encouragement of inspiration, co-creativity and dynamic harmony:
- within the individual
- between people
- between people and their environment

Re-balancing the equilibrium of the male and female principle in humans is a necessity in transforming ourselves to live more functional lives. Shaped by his life experiences, Fred describes this vision in his book Rediscover Your Heart. His ideas are crystallized into 7 key principles which can support the transformation.

Key 1: We can trust in the guiding hand of the Divine.
Affirmation: I trust that everything has a divine purpose from which it is possible to learn and grow.

Key 2: We can free our minds to explore new horizons.
Affirmation: I can go beyond my conventional belief systems and open up to infinite possibilities.

Key 3: We can rediscover our hearts and serve humanity.
Affirmation: By expanding my consciousness I can integrate my mind and heart and serve humanity compassionately.

Key 4: We can empower ourselves.
Affirmation: I choose to free myself from fear to allow changes within and without. In supporting myself and others in this process we can together develop a caring and sharing society.

Key 5: We can live in the spirit of unity.
Affirmation: By learning to integrate different parts of my being and focusing on our common humanity I can work for the interests of all.

Key 6: We can find our own path to truth.
Affirmation: May I have the courage to explore the mysteries of life and seek the truth without judgment.

Key 7: We can make a difference.
Affirmation: My personal development is linked to global transformation and I am aware that each one of us counts. I honor the global family of which I am part and cherish the home planet that we all share.

From scarcity to abundance

"In the last few years I often have been invited to teach about the subject of scarcity and competition.
Basically I help to open our minds and hearts to approach life differently:
We are so accustomed through competing to exclude people.
Why not can we approach life trough including people in the context of a holistic environment?

Does scarcity exist anyway?

Economics is based on the assumption that there is scarcity in our world; the question is whether this assumption is correct. I want to introduce an alternative way of looking at scarcity and the related phenomenon of competition.
I place scarcity in the context of the finite: time and space.

There are 2 options:
Do we choose to compete


Do we choose to compare with care in order to share with care?

The real challenge is not how we can compete to get the best or the most for ourselves, our group or country and therefore automatically exclude others, but how we can compare with care in order to share with care and include everybody on this round all inclusive earth.

How can we use nature, our natural resources, in such a way that we can discern  and share it most functionally. In this way everybody is able to live a life in which all basic needs are met, whilst keeping our natural environment in tact so it continues to nurture us, the human beings, animal beings and maintain and sustain itself.

Scarcity and competition so often create fear in the minds and hearts of people. Abundance is a reality that we were are able to observe and experience, if and when we are willing and able to let go of our fears.

There are two similar sayings:

“Love is letting go of fear”


“Where there is love there is no fear and where there is fear there is no love”.

The question we might want to ask ourselves in order to find out whether scarcity really does exist, is:

When using our free will with discernment:

do we come from a place of fear (exclusion) or from a loving place (inclusion)?


Do we dare to go beyond our (existing) belief systems?

The answer is up to each of us."

Fred Matser, springtime 2014

Message for a social innovation event in China 2007:

This video summarizes some important elements of Fred's philosophy.

In his essay ‘Some Thoughts on Creation’ he elaborates on some of his ideas expressing his view on topics like time and space, thoughts and feelings, competition and inclusiveness, science, religion and leadership. 'After 9/11' is a letter he wrote to the men and women of the world in reponse to these events.  

The Book

The Book

This inspirational book contains 7 Keys that Fred believes could transform ourselves and our planet.

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Fred Matser has been interviewed by various leading Dutch daily newspapers and magazines and also featured in the press and on radio in the US and the UK.

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Fred Matser is an inspiring humanitarian who, like many others, cares deeply about the future of the planet. He has made it his life’s work to contribute to creating a more functional...

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