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Want to receive the English e-book 'Rediscover Your Heart' written by Fred Matser for free? Please send us an e-mail with your request and we will send you the .ePub file (the most common format for digital books).

Fred Matser’s book Rediscover Your Heart: 7 Keys for Personal and Planetary Transformation (Findhorn Press, UK 2008, 2009) was launched in New York, USA in 2008 and London, UK in 2009. 

At each launching event, the Rediscover Your Heart Awards were handed out. Accompanied by a cash amounts, the prizes were awarded to young people, and organizations working with young people, with innovative and heartfelt projects designed to inspire and to contribute towards a more functional and peaceful society. The last award event took place in Moscow, the Russian Federation, in 2010 in conjunction with the Raisa Gorbachev Foundation.

Click here to read about New York's and London's the award winning projects.

'Rediscover Your Heart' Outline

The book tells the story of Fred's life from modest beginnings to unexpected success and participation on the international stage, his experiences of the paranormal, which changed his views of reality, the development of his own philosophy and his visions for a future, more functional, society.
The book is divided into three parts:

Part (1) Life Story
Part (2) Exploring the Infinite: Going beyond your conventional beliefs
Part (3) Contributions: Visions for Change

The book has a Foreword by Mikhail Gorbachev and an Afterword by Dr. Deepak Chopra.

In Part (1) Fred tells his life story from birth in post- war Netherlands, through family tragedies to being thrust into business leadership from a young age.
He also describes the unexpected paranormal and spiritual experiences that changed his world view
and his involvement in humanitarian and inspirational initiatives around the world. He also outlines 7 keys that he believes may aid personal and planetary transformation.

In Part (2) he outlines his life philosophy which he hopes may help empower and inspire others towards the creation of a more functional society.

In Part (3) a host of Fred’s inspiring friends and colleagues from around the world have contributed their visions for a better world. The contributors span the fields of business, politics, conservation, aid, healthcare and spirituality and include many individuals who are already well-known on the world stage for their outstanding work The contributors include: Patch Adams, Matthew Fox, Jane Goodall, Jerry Jampolsky, Ervin Laszlo, Ruud Lubbers, Caroline Myss, Herman Wijffels, Ukrainian Orphans, Bosnian refugees, African aid workers, students and schoolchildren.

Who is 'Rediscover Your Heart' aimed at?

 (1) All those interested in spirituality, personal transformation, inspiring biography and social change.
(2) Business men and women, philanthropists, politicians wanting to change lives and make a difference.
(3) Students and teachers in schools and colleges as part of citizenship and social change studies.

Weaving humorous anecdotes with heartrending tales and stories of personal transformation and hope, this inspirational book contains 7 Keys that Fred believes could transform ourselves and our world.

The book has been translated in various languages. The Dutch edition was published in the Netherlands by Ankh Hermes in May 2009. It is also available in  Spanish and German.

For details on foreign rights and translations please contact the publishers’ rights manager:

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A recent (Dutch) book review was published in the magazine Van hart tot hart in November 2012.

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“The chaos in the world (ENvironment) is a reflection of the disorder in our minds and hearts (INvironment)”

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Fred Matser has been interviewed by various leading Dutch daily newspapers and magazines and also featured in the press and on radio in the US and the UK.

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Fred Matser is an inspiring humanitarian who, like many others, cares deeply about the future of the planet. He has made it his life’s work to contribute to creating a more functional...

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