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About Beyond Me

Living life on earth after experiencing Oneness

Fred Matser, director of a very successful project development company in the Netherlands, realises that the fast-moving, rational business world is starting to weigh him down. He begins a quest to explore what lies beyond the bounds of his own thinking and has an unexpectedly deeply moving experience that transforms his vision on life, death and the human condition. Fred discovers why many people lose touch with themselves and with one another. And he discovers ways to keep functioning in the Western world while increasingly giving free rein to his feelings, allowing intuition to be his guide.

BEYOND ME is an inspiring documentary about the insights of professional volunteer Fred Matser, who is passionately dedicated to helping others and our planet. Fred’s philosophy is expressed in the work of the foundations that he chairs. His message is essential and very much of this time, as we strive to restore balance and harmony within ourselves, between humans and in nature.

A film by Heleen Minderaa
Length 53 minutes

“Fred’s recognition of cosmic consciousness as the driving force behind human life and society allows him to diagnose and offer healing solutions to our many challenges. This is an important documentary, whose message must be heeded.”

– Deepak Chopra, Best selling-author


Beyond Us

A humanitarian’s perspective on our values, beliefs andway of life

This short and vigorous book consists of a penetrating collection of interrelated essays whose defining characteristic is that they pin down, magnify and mirror back to us, with embarrasing clarity and force, our most dysfunctional yet unexamined ways of thinking, living and relating to each other in the early 21st century…

Beyond us

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