Natuurplaats Binnenbos

Every person, every plant, every tree and every animal is equally important here and deserves a healthy life

At Natuurplaats Binnenbos (Binnenbos Nature Reserve) in the Netherlands Mother Nature is given all the space she needs to flourish and develop to her full potential. On 80 hectares of land between the Kromme Rijn and the Utrechtse Heuvelrug brand, you can see, smell, taste and feel the earth at its purest. The landscape there hasn’t been shaped by humans, but by nature herself. It makes Natuurplaats Binnenbos a place that cares, about everything that lives.

Along with the associated ecological values and characteristic cultural and landscape elements, ForestPeace Foundation intends to develop Natuurplaats Binnenbos as naturally as possible.

At Natuurplaats Binnenbos we are giving nature room to breathe. We want to help restore and develop the ecosystem as naturally as possible, with nature at the helm. We are giving the area the chance to restore and to develop with more biodiversity, as well as new types of crops, plants, trees and animals. We want to make people more aware and involved, by showing them that there are other ways to grow crops profitably and develop our natural world. In so doing, we are stimulating the harmony between people and our environment.Here, every individual, every plant, every tree and every animal is seen as equally important and deserving of a healthy life. It’s why we work the land without the use of pesticides and why we respect all wildlife. And in the forest, nature, like every plant and tree, is allowed to go her own way. This makes Natuurplaats Binnenbos a place where you can enjoy breath-taking forests, rich grasslands, clean air, clear water, pure food and a wealth of beautiful trees, plants, animals and insects.

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I loved Fred’s definition of consciousness as ‘the universal organising principle that ‘in-forms’ – brings into form, shapes, orchestrates the myriad dynamisms of nature, which manifest themselves as ‘in-formed’ transformation.’

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De vraag die Matser telkens weer stelt is: Waarom blijven we disfunctioneel functioneren in onze samenleving belonen?

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