Refugee Company

Supporting refugees towards social and economic independence

Calling people to their own strength and showing them what they are capable of instead of what they are not. Refugee Company links the talents of people with a refugee background to opportunities and job possibilities to better our society in an immensely unique way.

The best way to integrate is through work. Refugee Company raises funds to offer learn-work programmes to people with refugee backgrounds. These programmes last between six months and three years and are run by our social enterprises A Beautiful Mess and the Mondmaskerfabriek. 

Participants start working in one of our ‘safe spaces’. As a result, they become active, gain experience and build a network. Language lessons, basic civic integration, personal development and well-being are all part of the programmes.

Refugee Company contributes to an inclusive society by:
  1. Helping refugees to take an important step towards social and economic independence by creating jobs, either paid or voluntarily. By participating, people become stronger and happier.

  2. Inspiring society to be more open towards people with refugee backgrounds, show appreciation and help them in their search for a meaningful life in the Netherlands.

From the archives

Book review Beyond Us by David Lorimer

I loved Fred’s definition of consciousness as ‘the universal organising principle that ‘in-forms’ – brings into form, shapes, orchestrates the myriad dynamisms of nature, which manifest themselves as ‘in-formed’ transformation.’

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Hoe Yvonne van Gennip Olympisch vuur naar Sarajevo bracht

Olympisch schaatskampioen Yvonne van Gennip bracht het olympisch vuur over vanuit Lillehammer naar verscheurd oorlogsgebied om vrede te brengen. Ze blikt terug op deze reis.

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Beyond Us review door Volzin

De vraag die Matser telkens weer stelt is: Waarom blijven we disfunctioneel functioneren in onze samenleving belonen?

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