Voedselbanken Nederland

Heart for people, eye for food.

In the Netherlands, more than one million people live below the poverty line. Voedselbanken Nederland (English: Food Banks Netherlands) help the poorest by temporarily providing them with food packages.

In order to provide their customers with sufficient food, they work together with companies, institutions, municipalities and individuals. Together they ensure that poverty is fought, food surpluses disappear and the environment is burdened less. To increase the self-reliance of the customers, Voedselbanken Nederland work together with local organizations that help the customers to stand on their own two feet again. After all food aid should always be temporary.

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Book review Beyond Us by David Lorimer

I loved Fred’s definition of consciousness as ‘the universal organising principle that ‘in-forms’ – brings into form, shapes, orchestrates the myriad dynamisms of nature, which manifest themselves as ‘in-formed’ transformation.’

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Olympisch schaatskampioen Yvonne van Gennip bracht het olympisch vuur over vanuit Lillehammer naar verscheurd oorlogsgebied om vrede te brengen. Ze blikt terug op deze reis.

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Beyond Us review door Volzin

De vraag die Matser telkens weer stelt is: Waarom blijven we disfunctioneel functioneren in onze samenleving belonen?

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